A sustainable partnership spirit for a conduct of the change and the development

1. Realization of feasibility study / business plan

The business plan can be developed for the management as internal use or the planning and to communicate outside and convince the banks to grant financing or the venture capital to invest in the company. A business plan is often conceived for new business start-up, or for implementation of a phase of important developments and will be then the basic tool to look for financing. It also allows following a project throughout his set-up, to judge its feasibility and to follow its evolution.

2. Business start-up

It consist of assisting the promoter in the various steps of investment to allow him concretizing effectively its project, to propose to him the best financial plan according to his objectives of investment and the cost of its project and to begin its operating in the best deadlines and conditions.

– Realization of the feasibility studies and the project’s business plan,
– Proposal of the best financial plans,
– Support in the search for funding sources with banks, foreign investment funds…
– Search for building land in the industrial parks according to the project characteristic,
– Support for the obtaining of the enjoyments (approvals)

3. Legal & Tax Consulting

Tax Management

As tax consultant, we commit to ensure that our Clients meet their obligations under the agreements terms and the provisions of tax common regulation and specific sectors’ Laws. These mainly comprise the preparation and submission of monthly and other tax returns and corporate income tax declaration.

Our extensive tax consulting expertise, and hot line link with international fiscal organizations, can provide our Clients with opportunities to reduce their current and future taxable income. We are doing all our in-depth research work, to use all tax, social and financial incentives and benefits available to them.

– Our Clients can expect us to:

> Identify short-term strategies and opportunities in order to optimise their current and future tax position for income and non income taxes.
> Monitor tax laws and the evolution of their business to ensure that the implemented strategies remain optimal.
> Address day-to-day tax issues raised by them in a timely and creative manner.
> Provide them with regular updates on the current developments in tax laws that could affect them, as well as any proposed legislative developments relevant to them.
> Assist them against tax administration and social security Company in case of eventual audit; our mission is to defend our clients’ position and interests by using all available administrative doctrines, jurisprudential positions and text interpretation for their profit

Legal services

> Set-up of companies, branches and subsidiaries, agreements and licenses, financing schemes, etc.
> Legal, Labour, Commercial and Statutory consulting.
> Set-up of contracts, agreements and conventions in relation with our clients’ trading and labour business.
> Advice, review, monitoring and assistance during Agreements Negotiations to identify legal issues and impacts, and preserve our clients interests.
> Assistance for the choice of a Lawyer in case of legal litigation or lawsuits.
> Preparation of work permits, residency cards, tax and police clearances for expatriate employees, and the application for Value Added Tax exemption certificate if applicable.

4. Financial restructuring

Financial Restructuring facilitates the reorganisation and optimisation of a company’s financial position, and thus helps increase a company’s financial performance, either to avoid a downturn towards distress situations or to improve current underperformances.

Financial restructuring services include:

> Developing and implementing restructuring proposals
> Establishing cash needs and controls
> Balance sheet reconstructions
> Inter-creditor negotiations
> Business planning.