Confidence and credibility of financial information are the value of our audit

Credible financial information is fundamental to establishing the confidence of and access to capital markets. An audit underpins credible financial information. This is the value of an audit.

Legal audit engagements are founded on strict compliance with the rules concerning independence and conflicts of interest and are based on the application of national and international auditing standards.

Our audit approach is referred to the International and National audit’s standards and based on an assessment of the company’s risks and its internal control system as well as its principles of corporate governance.

Our methodology is adapted to this audit approach and organized to take in consideration the size, the method of organization and the characteristics specific to the business sector

Rigorous organization and planning of the audit engagement in terms of the main phases:

  • identifying the critical risks and fields
  • examining the systems for the production and internal control of financial information
  • assessing the controls and implementing the audit procedures on a test basis
  • validating the financial information and expressing an opinion